social initiatives

healthcare: our partners offer free medical examinations, vision tests and medical insurance for all employees and their families.

wages: employees are paid living wages which exceed minimum standards and surpass industry labour benchmarks.

working conditions: our suppliers are certified to ensure there is no child labour, no forced labour and safe working conditions.

environmental initiatives

water treatment: 95% of waste water is purified from contaminants and pollutants, and is reused in the dyeing process.

solar: our suppliers are powered by solar energy, which generate more energy than they consume.

rainwater tanks: used to collect rainwater which is filtered for drinking, used in washrooms and to water fruit trees.

other intiatives

disability support: our partners have programs to provide support to disabled individuals through education, training and employment programs.

SEAM program: our partners operate employment programs to provide training to women living in rural areas. this provides vital job opportunities, empowering local women and supporting local communities.